Information in English

The 7th Pori Film Festival will be held between 25th and 28th of November.

The festival was created in 2015 from the need to increase and expand local film culture. In addition to short and feature-length films, the programme includes installations and musical performances.

Pori Film Festival screens local, national and international films. The event will showcase films made in Pori and the surrounding area and also highlights other interesting Finnish films bringing together their creators and the audience. The international program consists of both experimental video art and feature-length films awarded at major festivals.

Most of the festival program is suitable for English-speaking audiences. Short films are in English or have English subtitles — or no language at all (exceptions are Satakunnan Elävän Kuvan Keskus Esittää and Yökino vol 4). Same applies to the following feature films: Jodorowsky’s Dune, The Night Of The Hunter, The Triplets of Belleville. We have also The Ultimate Experimental Discussion in English.

The timetables can be seen here.

Pori Film Festival is arranged by Kulttuuriyhdistys Rapajööti ry.



040 7679711


  • All paid screenings are at Finnkino Promenadi.
  • We recommend buying tickets in advance.
  • Advance tickets can be purchased from Porin levykauppa (Pohjoiskauppatori 3) or from their online store: https://www.porinlevykauppa.fi/pori-film-festival-2021
  • Only card payment.
  • Tickets purchased from the online store can be picked up 15 minutes before the start of the screening at the door of the movie hall.
  • The pre-sale ends on November 24th after which tickets can be purchased at the IsoKarhu’s ticket sales point (Yrjönkatu 14).
  • The exception is How to Kill a Cloud, which tickets are sold by Finnkino.
  • There are no numbered seats.


This year, the festival program is organized in two places in the center of Pori. The distance from the Travel Center to the venues is about 1 kilometer.

IsoKarhu (basement), Yrjönkatu 14

The space is easily accessible during the opening hours of the shopping center by escalator or elevator. Outside the shopping center’s opening hours, access to the space is from the pedestrian side next to the Fafa’s door. The festival’s info and ticket sales point can be found here during the event. Short film screenings, music performances and installations are also located in the same basement of IsoKarhu. Please contact us if you have any further questions about the accessibility.

In total, there can be a maximum of 50 people in IsoKarhu.

The entire program of IsoKarhu is free of charge.

Exhibition and information point opening hours:

  • Thu 25.11. 18:00—20:00
  • Fri 26.11. 16.00—23.00
  • Sat 27.11. 12.00—22.00
  • Sun 28.11. 12:00—16:00

Finnkino Promenadi, Yrjönkatu 17

The festival’s feature film screenings are mainly in Finnkino. See more detailed information about the venue here: https://www.finnkino.fi/en/teatterit/promenadi/

All films shown in Finnkino are in movie hall 2.

Finnkino Promenade requires a corona passport for all people over 16 years of age.