Fri 25.11.2016 / 20:15 / Annis, Main Theatre

Short film series / 25 min


YOU’RE LOST LITTLE GIRL / Päivi Hirsiaho / 2015 / Finland / 7:38


In this black and white animation a girl opens eight doors and encounters eight possibilities. Does the childhood end at the corner of a kiosk? Hirsiaho often combines photography with charcoal drawnings in her works. The main character of the film is created of childhood pictures of the artist.



STARTING OVER / FURIDASHI / Mika Seike / 2016 / Japan / 8:57


You fall down every time before reaching your goal. At each fall, the glass you hold in your hand breaks, then everything starts again from the start. But there are things one can only discover through repetition. The answer lies within yourself.



RE-DIRECTED IV / Stefanie Sixt (video) & Markus Mehr (ääni) / 2016 / Germany / 6:59

Experimental animation

“Binary processing conglomerates, virtual parallel universes and data transfers in tera speed are leading the urban human progressively into a digital surrealism. Informations are becoming products and means of payment – respectively both together. The uncritical reliance on the unvisible and silent system is consequently leading to the danger of abuse, infiltration of privacy and to the ultiamately means the foreseeable end of self-determination. The momentum of ubiquitous control is leading society to an economic, political, and also ethical, moral and cultural tipping point. The resulting questions are the subject matter of the experimental short movie Re-Directed IV.”