Fuck Off 2 — Images from Finland

27 October 2017

“In today’s Finland, is it worth living, dying, or fucking?” This is the fundamental question of the feature documentary Fuck Off 2 – Images from Finland which is Jörn Donner’s sequel to his film Fuck Off! Images from Finland (1971). The essayistic documentary is an attempt to depict the enormous change that has taken place […]


26 October 2017

The first movie to be screened at the 3rd Pori Film Festival is NOCTURAMA (2016) which is directed and written by Bertrand Bonello. The movie depicts a group of Parisian adolescents who execute terrorist strikes with divergent ways and unknown motives. The immersive movie is not only stylish but a profound dive into the tense […]

Festival guest: Nabb+Teeri

20 November 2016

Nabb+Teeri is an artist collective that has worked together since 2008. Janne Nabb and Maria Teeri has studied art in Liminka and Kankaanpää, after which they graduated from The Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki in 2011. At the moment they work and live in Helsinki and Ylimarkku in Närpiö, Finland. Their recent exhibitions are […]


Sat 26.11. / 22:00 / Annis, Main Theatre In the night, after saturday’s screenings, a music club will appear at the venue. Its stage will be taken over by Kehittymättömät Ufot and Sink who will bring forth e.g. outer space, inner journeys and throbbing walls of sound.   KEHITTYMÄTTÖMÄT UFOT Kehittymättömät Ufot’s (“The Undeveloped Flying […]

Festival guest: Veljko Vidak

18 November 2016

As the second foreign festival guest we introduce the Croatian visual artist and filmmaker Veljko Vidak. He will arrive to the festival with the French screenwriter Emmanuelle Felce to present their film Kasetti, that was shot in Finland and will now get its Finnish premiere in Pori. In the film a young woman from Ukraine […]

Festival guest: Daniel Mikolajčák

15 November 2016

We will also have a couple of foreign guests at the festival! First we would like to introduce Daniel Mikolajčák, who will arrive from Slovakia to Pori to present his work The World of Prosperity. Mikolajčák has studied architecture (in its material analogue form) in Vienna, but by the process of creating The World of […]