20 November 2016

Sat 26.11. / 22:00 / Annis, Main Theatre

In the night, after saturday’s screenings, a music club will appear at the venue. Its stage will be taken over by Kehittymättömät Ufot and Sink who will bring forth e.g. outer space, inner journeys and throbbing walls of sound.




Kehittymättömät Ufot’s (“The Undeveloped Flying Objects”) background is in an eponymous comic book by Jyrki Nissinen. It’s an original combination of science fiction and a coming-of-age story. Janne Westerlund (Plain Ride, Circle, Sweetheart…) wrote a soundtrack/audioplay record for the comic book which results in a unique combination. On stage Kehittymättömät Ufot includes elements of a gig, play and performance.


Kehittymättömät Ufot -live




“Black wall of sound.

Throbbing sonic womb.

Infinite drone ritual.”

Sink has for far over a decade gone through the barriers between genres. Sink has researched on its records sonic paths between black metal, noise, ambient, neoclassical and avantgarde, and with the album Ark of Contempt and Age (released summer 2016) the band has renewed its sound towards more complex weave of sound, melody and rhythm. On the stage Sink offers every time a unique and unforgettable trance with mutilated versions of their songs accompanied by different line-ups and instrumentations.