Fuck Off 2 — Images from Finland

27 October 2017

“In today’s Finland, is it worth living, dying, or fucking?”

This is the fundamental question of the feature documentary Fuck Off 2 – Images from Finland which is Jörn Donner’s sequel to his film Fuck Off! Images from Finland (1971). The essayistic documentary is an attempt to depict the enormous change that has taken place in the Republic of Finland during these 46 years. In the centre of this subjective and egocentric story is the filmmaker himself.

Fuck Off 2 – Images of Finland is connected to its predecessor also through music. Many of the songs from the first film have now received new arrangements and new performers, but the lyrics have remained unchanged: they are just as current today as they were in 1971.

Fuck off! 2 — Images from Finland
Time: 24.11. at 18:00
Place: Annankatu 6
Price: 5 euros
Languages: Finnish, English subtitles

Cinematographer Rafael Donner is present at the screening.