Fri 25.11.2015 / 00:15 / Annis, Main Theatre

Short film series / 32 min. 


HOMELAND / Heimat / Sam Peeters / 2016 / Belgium / 14:12

Documentary / Dutch, English subtitles

Right-wing populism is spreading through western Europe like a wildfire. It is most popular in quiet, white neighbourhoods where people are shielded from different cultures and lifestyles. In this unscripted documentary, Sam Peeters portrays an ironic caricature of life in the Flemish suburbs, which reflects the current European zeitgeist.



METUBE2: AUGUST SINGS CARMINA BURANA / Daniel Moshel / 2016 / Austria / 5:42


A boy ask a coin from his father to get a levitating street musician sing Carmina Burana. A second coin gets you a super duper version… The techically inventive work, that is produced together with the Bayerische Staatsoper, is a twisted digitally remixed audiovisual interpretation of the work composed by Carl Orff in the 1930s.



HEIMAT XXX / Sebastian Dominic Auer / 2016 / Austria/Germany / 11:44


Between the awakening of spring and musty oak forests it is summoning a saturnalia of sweaty bodies. The images of the movie are oscillating from misty-eyed sights on romantic nature to harsh industrial rigidity. In bringing Amor and Psyche together, new constellations become thinkable and new meanings considering the relations of the self and the other, myth and reality, illusion and substance open up and give us a new perspective on the meaning that heimat can have. The movie should be understood as a postmodern comment on the paradigms of the German romanticist movement.