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Installations and installated video art


1 GHOST WORLDS -INSTALLAATIO / Jerome Boulbes / 2014 — 2016 / Ranska/Japani / 13:20

Experimental animation

Installaatio koostuu teoksista: Ghost World (2014, 4:51), Ghost Tracks (2015, 5:17), Lost Moon (2016, 3:52)

“Ghost World -projekti on yhteistyöviritysten sarja, jossa olen työskennellyt kokeellisten ug-noise ja blues muusikoiden kanssa. Teokset ovat luovan improvisoidun ja intuitiota seuranneen tuotantoprosessin tuloksia ja ne on tehty vailla valmisteluita, kuten käsikirjoitusta. Sarja on yritys siirtyä pois narratiivisesta animaatiosta –  joilla aloitin urani – kohti kokeellisia videoita, taideinstallaatioita ja interaktiivisuutta.”



2 COSMOS / Jérôme Boulbes / 2016 / Ranska / 2 min



Music video for the solo project Ueno Park by Manuel Adnot



TREMBLING GIANT / Patrick Tarrant / 2016 / UK / 19:34

Experimental document

The Trembling Giant is an experimental nature documentary that remediates the iconic landscape of the American south-west by filming through the take-up reel of a 16mm film projector. While we do not see the 16mm films playing on the projector, they nonetheless leave their trace as their passage through the mechanism warps the space in front of the camera, much as their small audio dramas warp our reading of the landscape. The Trembling Giant is also the name of a clonal colony of quaking aspen tree in Fish Lake Utah which, having survived for sixty thousand years, is now under threat..



BLIND SPOT / Nabb & Teeri / 2016 / Suomi / 7 min

Experimental animation

In the video work Blind Spot home movies are combined with 3D-acts. The width of the blind spot correlates with the energy supply of the system. Deficiencies of the field of view appear first on the side of the nose and the ability to see connectivity of things in the peripheral area weakens.



AMERICAN GOTHIC / Jussi Matilainen / 2016 / Suomi / 4:40

Experimental animation

The video is animated from freeze frames of Hitchcock’s Vertigo. Two iconic scenes, where Scotty and Madeleine/Judy kiss, are combined. The starting point is the entanglement of romantics and violence. The figures are cut-off from the background and their eyes and the movements of their hands manage to tell a story. Scotty is a selfish bastard. Love is crazy and violent – at least in movies.



AIKAMATKAILUN TULEVAISUUS / Jyrki Nissinen / 2016 / Suomi / 20 min

Experimental animation

The short film Aikamatkailun tulevaisuus (The Future of Time Travel) is based on its main character’s (Huuko53) ability to improvise and tendency to forget the limits of reality. The director’s job was to be present and feed the subject with different thematic and vague questions. This results in thrilling everyday sci-fi somewhere between Werner Herzog’s Wild Blue Yonder, Ricky Gervais’ The Office and Trailer Park Boys. The soundtrack of the movie is made by its director under the pseudonym “Extreme Huligan”.