COUNT-DOWN / Methil Komalankutty / United Arab Emirates / 2017 / 01:00



We are far above our expectations and carry more than we are aware of.

TEXTINQUEST / Vera Sebert / Austria / 2016 / 00:57


English, English subtitles

“It came to my attention, that one has heard somebody saying he needed to read more because he had read if you read a lot then you will live longer.“

Fragment parts of a rumor are shown like tablets from a silent movie. How credible is a content if it was trans- formed several times and can only be seen in frag- ments? The film broaches the issue of translation from spoken to written over read language to the dissolution from characters to images.

APOLLO 11 ½ / Olaf Held / GERMANY / 2016 / 05:50



The flag of the Apollo 11 manned moon mission seems to have moved.

Yes, we know about the photographs. Scientists took them while looking for the American flags which were planted onto the moon during the six manned missions there. The shots show that five of them are still in the same place. Only the flag of Apollo 11 seems to have moved.

LOVE AND REVOLUTION / LIEBE UND REVOLUTION / Gabriel Tempea / Austria / 2017 / 03:44

Documentary, experimental

Germany, english subtitles

Peculiar forms of “normality” emerge within a 40-odd years lasting dictatorship. In such an environment, re- sistance takes in turn unexpected forms.

The depiction of sexuality under dictatorship in the oeuvre of Milan Kundera is set against the filmmaker’s personal recollections and archival images.

VAR ÄR THON? / Einari Paakkanen & Antti Polojärvi / Finnish / 2016 / 05:42


Finnish, english subtitles

One night Thon went drinking with two friends and dis- appeared. What happened? Where is Thon?
A mystery and an absurd manhunt that eventually in- volves John F. Kennedy, Elvis and the whole planet.

EX TERRAT / Reinhold Bidner / Austria, France / 2016 / 05:45

Experimental, animation


Experimental animation based on Urban Exploring in Paris.The Idea was to feel inspired by this beautiful but also terrifying City & its Urban Landscapes. The focus was laid on Faces in this City that are on the darker side of the spectrum. These faces were collaged and animat- ed in various Techniques.