Mielen maastoja

KAJAANI / Mikaël Marignac / France, Finland / 2017 / 25:00


In Finnish and French with English subtitles

After living for several years in France, Juho and Anna go back to Finland to visit their sick dad. But Juho is wary of the trip, he doesn’t want to see this dad he was separated from for 15 years. He’s afraid of what he might find.


SPARTA / Noëmie Nicolas / Belgium, France / 2016 / 26:21


In French with English subtitles

A teenage girl, her young brother and their mother cy- cle through a desolated area, seeking for the sea. While the children bravely hang on to the hope of escap- ing this seemingly doomed place by boat, the mother seems to be eaten up with despair.