OCCIDENTAL / Neïl Beloufa / France / 2017 / 73 min


In French with English subtitles

An eccentric couple seeks shelter from Hotel Occidental when riots are raging in Paris. The manager of the hotel reacts to them with suspicion and calls the police. Gradually the police and the staff of the hotel become aware that they are taking part in a series of absurd events that satirically reflect the restless and paranoid atmosphere of our time.

The film was presented in Toronto Film Festival Wave- lengths series. Drawing from the aesthetics of the 70’s, it is related to both Bertrand Bonello’s Nocturama, to be screened on Wednesday, and Yann Gonzales’ Islands, to be screened in Friday night. The films are connected by cinematic layout (mise-en-scène) and saturated dynamics that combined with the intensive soundtrack create a strong atmosphere and a dream-like space for the encounters.