AN AVIATION FIELD / UM CAMPO DE AVIAÇÃO / Joana Pimenta / Portugal, USA / 2016 / 13:11

Experimental, documentary

In Portugese with English subtitles.

An aviation field in an unknown suburb. The lake un- derneath the city burns the streets. The mountains throw rock into the gardens. In the crater of a volcano in Fogo, a model Brazilian city is lifted and dissolves.

Two people find each other in this landscape, 50 years apart.



ASCENSION / ASCENSÃO / Pedro Peralta / Portugal / 2016 / 18:00


In Portugese with English subtitles.

At dawn a group of peasants tries to rescue the body of a young man from the inside of a well. Women veil their faces in silence while men endure the situation. In the center of it all, a mother awaits her son’s salvation. The wait is over. The boy’s body emerges from the depths of the earth. How can life cease to be when in nature there is an enduring renewal? From a dis- tance the sun sinks into the horizon. There is a new day ahead.