The Festival Info

Pori Film Festival is a small experimental and international audiovisual event which has also local emphasises. It will be organized for the fourth time between 28.11.—2.12.2018 in a post-industrial town of Pori on the west coast of Finland‭. ‬ The town of around 85‭ ‬000‭ ‬inhabitants is relatively well known of its alternative music and arts scene‭, ‬but so far film culture has been very thin and defined by one multiplex theater‭. ‬In the year 2015 ‬a group of enthusiasts and cultural activists from different associations‭, ‬jumped behind the wheel and launched an explorative journey towards the unknown to show people‭ (themselves included‭) ‬what cinema and‭ ‬audiovisual arts can really do‭.‬

The first festival encouraged us to continue on this journey‭, ‬so we invite the audience ‭ ‬to celebrate the wonders and alchemy of cinema and audiovisual arts during the darkest time of the year‭. ‬Our experimental ethos and practice are guided by a principle that every festival and event we organize is interesting and surprising also for‭ ‬ourselves‭. ‬For us‭ ‬”experimental”‭ ‬is not a genre but more an open attitude towards audiovisual medium‭, ‬expression‭, ‬storytelling and event organizing‭. The purpose of the festival is to build a unique platform for experiencing audiovisual culture. Along with movies there will be music performances, installations, performance art and such in the venue.
The festival is voluntarily built by independent and non-profit cultural associations with experience in multidisciplinary happenings‭, ‬audio/visual arts‭, ‬music and performative arts‭.‬ The  main producer of the festival is Kulttuuriyhdistys Rapajööti ry.
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