The Festival Info

Pori Film Festival is a film festival and happening that celebrates the diversity of cinema. We are looking for interesting experiments, energetic expressions, essayistic beauty and sharp-minded manifestations that reveal the overwhelming capability of the audiovisual medium to create and investigate realities.

The event is held in the post-industrial town of Pori on the west coast of Finland‭. ‬ The town of around 85‭ ‬000‭ ‬inhabitants is relatively well known of its alternative music and arts scene‭, ‬but so far film culture has been very thin and defined by one multiplex theater‭. ‬In the year 2015 ‬a group of enthusiasts and cultural activists from different associations‭, ‬jumped behind the wheel and launched an adventurous journey to the unknown to show people‭ (themselves included‭) ‬what cinema and‭ ‬audiovisual arts can really do‭.‬

Pori Film Festival is a laboratory, a good party and a journey to the unknown territories of existance and audiovisual alchemy!

This annual festival is organized by independent and non-profit cultural associations with experience in multidisciplinary happenings, audio/visual arts, music and performative arts in Pori, west coast of Finland. For further information, check: and We’re also on Instagram.