1. NATURE MORTE – STILL LIFE  / 4:40 / 2007

The silent actors of a natural history museum are turned into a semi-abstract flow of shapes and patterns. The soundtrack comes from a world beyond the museum doors.The looped sound of ananonymous Bollywood B-film star creates a sentimental link to the modern world where emotions and moments are preserved on film and hard disks.

2. FLUTTER / 3:4 / 2006

The images of tropical butterflies are accompanied by a low-frequency out-of sync fluttering sound.

3. (DIS)INTEGRATOR  / 4:13 / 1992

Asequence from Kurt Neumann’sscience- fiction film The Fly (1958) is copied with a VHS-recorder. Then the copy is copied again. This process is repeated until the video signal disintegrates into noise and finally disappears.

4. WEB SAFE (VIDEO COLOURSCAPE) / 7:33 / silent / 2008

The piece is about content, copyright and censorship. 212 colors from the Web Safe palette in hexadecimal order from black to white. The conceptual construction gives way to a pure aesthetic experience.

5. GHOST RIDER  / 1:54 / 2012

A sleepy stream in an hot arid landscape is suddenly disturbed by something… The Ghost Rider is a rhythmical reconstruc- tion of a sequence from the film The Devils Rain (1974). A short sequence of the film (1 sec found footage from YouTube) is looped creating a stage and a background sound for the one frame inserts.

6. TIMMY COME HOME  / 1:36 / 2011

Timmy Come Home is a rhythmical re-construction of a short sequence from the opening scene of Lassie Come Home (1943). A short sequence of the film (one sec of found footage) is looped creating a kind of stage and background music to the one frame inserts.

7. GRID / 9.05 / silent / 2014

The composition of grids superimposed on a black-screen background. No sound, no words. Grid can be seen as a formalistic, constructivist cityscape in defined white lines or a slow dive into a computer generated cloth.

8. ONE  / 7:38 / 2015

The starting point for ONE is a video taken with a mobile phone. The camera has not been able to capture the original view, and the resulting video contains only mystical glitch. What causes the glitch? What is the moment or subject that was original- ly attempted to be documented? Is there a huge planet or a tiny cell in the video? Perhaps it is something else – a human or even God? The soundscape of ONE is homage to big questions, a mash-up of 1960’s sci-fi cinema soundtracks.