The Festival Club

If you are hoping to spend the evening with some serene atmospheres as well as throbbing sounds that tests your comfort zone, perhaps even surprises, the Festival Club makes your wish come true.

On Saturday 25.11. there are three artists on the stage of Annankatu 6: Verde, Hopeakaaos and OSO, the first of which is a distinctive long-time underground artist and the latter two are heard and seen live for the first time.


Verde is a band formed in 1997 by Finnish underground musician and DIY
electronics designer Mika Rintala. He was part of one of Circle’s finest
line-ups and founding member of their spin-off project Ektroverde. Mika
builds his own synthesizers, speakers, microphones, amplifiers – basically
any equipment that can be used in creating or recording sound. Some of the
finest recording studios in Finland (including Finnish National Broadcast
company) use some equipment built or customized by him. Verde’s music is
an eclectic mix of styles and influences yet instantly recognizable and
original. Mika’s psychedelic yet earthy synths are accompanied by a
variety of percussion, acoustic and electric string instruments and a bit
of wind instruments by a bunch of talented amateur and professional
musicians Mika likes to collaborate with. He also often utilizes different
kinds of field recordings.

Despite and honed and professional touch, do not expect dry academic
experimental sound art. Verde is playful and entertaining (although as far
from your standard radio pop hits as possible). Musicians are having fun
and enjoy breaking the boundaries. Still, Verde has its dark and serious
sides. Several tracks are stark commentaries of modern world and its
consumerist culture of negligence. Mika’s major interests along music are
long-distance running, orienteering and nature photography, so destruction
of environment is a constant source of frustration and anger to him.

Verde has been compared to Faust, Bitches Brew -era Miles Davis, early
Pink Floyd and Tangerine Dream, Nurse With Wound and such.

Verde @ Facebook


Take ten steps at a time

Remember to count to ten

For the eleventh one will lead you

Into the silver chaos


Come my children you restless wolves!
This is not the beginning of the end
This is merely Monday


The clock is running the clock is running

You can not hear the ticking

A block away a holler breaks out

A shot is covered by a louder shot


If you were my Ulasoori I would be your Pihlava

I wouldn’t say it to your face just yet but I’m a little in lav-a


In the bank I draw six hundred out
I buy a Land Rover

And with the most expensive tire studs

I roll onto you toes


If the room gets too crowded, there is no need to panic

Please exit in peace, a thousand million at a time


Silver chaos

Silver chaos

Silver chaos

Silver chaos

Silver chaos

Silver chaos


OSO is a new experimental music expedition that is destined to fail miserably in all its ambitious endeavors. OSO has started its journey with simple idea of combining sound aesthetics of lo-fi black metal with throbbing beats from techno music. This kind of forced marriage rarely works and OSO is no exception. Witness this insult to humanity and intelligence with your own eyes and ears at Pori Film Festival 2017. If this show leaves you disappointed – you can comfort yourself with the fact that the feeling is mutual. OSO holds no hope or interest for you or your pathetic meaningless existence.

OSO @ Bandcamp

OSO @ Facebook