Sun 27.11.2016 / 15:45 / Annis, Main Theatre

Short film series / 56 min.


SHOPPING / Layke Anderson / 2016 / United Kingdom/ 12:12



A young man meets the worn voice of a fading city under the dim lights of a London sex shop. ‘Shopping’ laments the ongoing gentrification of London’s Soho, focusing on a particular and very insular moment between two people who meet in a sex shop on a night during the run-up to christmas. ‘Shopping’ captures some of what’s now fading from the capital’s red light district, but also serves as a reminder that the warmth of a real human connection can be found in the unlikeliest of places.



HYPNOS / Juho Aittanen / 2016 / Finland / 12:54


Finnish, English subtitles

A love triangle of two men and a sentient planet. An artist and his muse are visited by an entity beyond the void of space. Adaptation of/based on the original short story by H.P. Lovecraft.



NORMAL / Vadim Lasca / 2015 / Venezuela / 17:00


Spanish, English subtitles

Fabricio, a chavista young man, is stuck at home during the rioting occured in Venezuela on 2014. Alejandra, his former opposition girlfriend, who is participating in the street rioting, is pursued by the national guard, and arrives, without knowing, to the house of Fabricio’s, who helps her to hide. Gue to the volatile situation in the streets, Alejandra should stay with Fabricio until it is safe to get out. During this time together they should deal with their political differences, which in the past led to their separation.



#YA / Ygor Gama & Florencia Rovlich / 2015 / Argentina/Chile/Germany / 15:05


First it’s paint bombs, followed by hard by riots. Tweets proclaim what is to be done. Resistance is everywhere. Something has to give. Two young activists meet amid turbulent events. They dance. the city belongs to them.