Fri 25.11.2016 / 21:00 / Annis, Main Theatre
Short film series / 29 min. 


THE WANDERERS / LES AMBULANTES / Aurelien Dupui / 2016 / Belgium / 6:16

Experimental animation

“At the edges

They become mist

Undetectable particles

Wanderer’s thoughts.”



THIS AIN’T DISNEYLAND / Jafri Faiyaz / 2015 / Hong Kong / 6:25


A personal surreal account of the New York September 11 attacks, by juxtaposing the destruction of the twin towers and Disney neo-archetypes. This film is not about the big conspiracies, terrorism, fundamentalism, hate or love. This film is about how close good and bad, wrong and right, innocence and perversion can be. This is my film about my twin towers and how I miss them. The title “This ain’t Disneyland” is based on what a policeman says to Jules and Gedeon Naudet while they were filming their documentary 9/11.



WORLD OF PROSPERITY / Daniel Mikolajčák / 2016 / Austria/Slovakia / 14:22


The World of Prosperity is an experiment to construct architecture which disguises evil as good. It is the projection of architectural wolf in the sheep’s coat. The project investigates the current sins of capitalism such as fortification of urban landscape, omnipresent surveillance, gentrification and eviction of socially disadvantaged from public space and excessive use of euphemisms in the architectural language. The film is an investigation of ambiguity of architecture in the pseudo-post-capitalist society.

Director Daniel Mikolajčák is present at the screening.