Haastattelu: Methil Komalankutty

Perjantaina 30.11. saamme nauttia Valimolla lyhytelokuvasarjasta, johon kuuluu esimerkiksi Yhdistyneistä Arabiemiirikunnista vierailemaan saapuvan Methil Komalankuttyn elokuva POLITICS.

Methilin elokuvia on nähty Pori Film Festivalilla ennenkin ja olemme todella innoissamme, että saamme hänet jälleen vierailulle Poriin.

Lue haastattelusta Methilin ajatuksia Porista ja hänen ohjaamastaan elokuvasta:

Hello Methil! This is the second time you are coming to Pori Film Festival, tell us why you want to come back?
-There are several reasons that bring me to Pori for a second time. Of course, first and foremost, my film has been selected and I have been invited by the organizers. Besides, some Haiku films of my intimate friend and Festival Director of the International Haiku Amateur Film Festival in Palakkad, India, is being shown here separately. Thank you for all this.
The other reasons are the dedication and enthusiasm being shown by the organizers in promoting the power and beauty of the film media, in recognising the variety and selecting variegated genres, in encouraging experimental attempts in film making and so on. The elevated standard of the audience and the friendly hospitality of the residents of Pori, the cool climate here in Finland, etc. are some of the other reasons that make me come again and again.
As one of the organisers of a film festival in India, I come here to learn some valuable lessons from you and to forge closer ties between our two organizations.

What is haiku film?
-Here I have to make a distinction. The films that my organisation Inisight, the creative group, makes as a collaborative creative activity of our organisation are very short films of all categories based on interesting ideas that make viewers smile, think, change their attitudes, etc. We make maximum use of the great striking power of the very short film format.
‘Haiku Films’ that are being made by K.V. Vincent, the Festival Director of Insight, are generally very short films that are short records of some transitory moments of surprise that he witnesses in nature, just like true Haiku poems. He just shares some of his excitement with the viewers. He believes that nature is so full of pleasant surprises that the scope for making these films is infinite.

Can you tell more about your film POLITICS that we will see on Friday 30th November?
-I think it would not be right to speak on my film. The viewers are requested to view the film and freely air their opinions. I do not like to influence or restrict these valuable opinions or evaluations to my ideas on my creation. I believe that when a creation has been completed by an artist, the umbilical cord is cut and the creation is at the mercy of the viewers and their appreciation or criticism.

What is International Haiku Amateur little Film Festival (HALF)?
-International Haiku Amateur Little Film Festival is an international festival of films of five minutes or less duration organised at Palakkad in India on two days, the second Saturday and following Sunday in August. The special features of this festival are that a Jury consisting of an eminent director, a noted cinematographer and a popular film critic see the films and select the winners, that there is an unrestricted open forum discussion after each film and that maximum effort is taken to bring the people behind the films to interact with the audience during the open forum discussions. The Festival began in 2010 and 8 editions have been successfully completed.