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Pori Film Festival will be held for the fifth time between 27.11—1.12.2019. A couple thousand pairs of eyes are expected to arrive to the event which set a record for visitors last year.

The festival was created in 2015 from the need to increase and expand local film culture and to create a unique environment where one can delve into and explore the many dimensions of the living and the pictures. In addition to short and feature-length films, the programme includes discussions, workshops, music and more.

Pori Film Festival screens local, national and international films. The event will showcase films made in Pori and the surrounding area, bringing together their creators and the audience. The programme also highlights other interesting Finnish films. One major part of the festival is the short film selections compiled from the international open call. This year the festival’s artistic team made selections from more than 3,000 films. These selections consists of high quality and captivatingly original films made on all continents.

The festival programme is to a great extent suitable for English speakers. Most films have subtitles or dialogue in English or no dialogue at all. You can see the timetables here.

You can buy tickets at the venue.



The festival takes place at Valimo (meaning “foundry”) at Porilaistenkatu 2, 28130 Pori. The venue includes the main stage Valimo-sali (which has about 100 seats), Valimo Lounge (spacious lounge that includes different festival facilities) and smaller rooms on two floors for installations and such. 

Due to the bar area, Valimo has an age limit of 18 on Thursday, Friday and Saturday after 18:00. Otherwise younger folk are also welcome.



Valimo is easily accessible. It is only 400 meters away from the Travel Centre making it easy to get to the festival by train or bus. Bicycle racks are on site. You will find the entrance from the courtyard. 

Excluding two installation rooms upstairs, the venue is accessible by wheelchair. Please contact us if you need specific details on Valimo’s accessibility.


Information about the City of Pori 

Pori is a city and municipality on the west coast of Finland. The city is located circa 10 kilometres from the Gulf of Bothia, on the estuary of the Kokemäenjoki river. At the end of the year 2018, Pori was the tenth largest city in Finland with 84 391 inhabitants. Pori was found in 1558 and it’s one of the oldest cities in Finland. More about Pori:



Recommended hotels near Valimo are Amado and Torget.



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