Arrangement non-existent

SU 29.11. 14:00

Arrangement non-existent / Nina-Maria Oförsagd / Suomi / 2020 / 9′

How time is now, in motion, at place, experienced.

Through movement in a selected location as improvised performance two characters get a connection and their movement grows to a larger pattern together with sound, poetry and words, shown as single channel experimental video work, containing different channels.

The work is realised as a video piece with sound, music and text in English and Mandarin. The group has been working individually. The performances were made on site in Taipei, words written and then read and recorded by Mauritz Tistelö (SE) and Hsinyen Wei (TW) individually. The music was recorded individually through improvisation while looking at the video piece by each group member of Barlast (FI).

All the different elements that have been made alone are joined together in the piece. Nina-Maria Oförsagd (FI) found this visual material in her archives during lockdown in spring 2020. With the cross-disciplinary group collaborating isolated from each other, it was developed further and revealed something about time in relation to our different self-connections and outer perspectives.